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Here is a list of portraits and works of art by artist
 Mark Sanislo that have been newly
added to the website.
•   Added Portraits to Portfolio Page #3  by Mark Sanislo 6/28/2006

•   A Oil Portrait of a couple in formal attire.
•   Alfred Anderson Oil Portrait Painting of Anderson Chemical
•   Bruce Anderson Oil Portrait Painting of Anderson Chemical
•  A woman business person  oil painting painting
•   Young  boy playing with a sail boat  pastel portrait
•  Glen Taylor portrait  pastel painting

•   Added Portraits to Portfolio Page #2  by Mark Sanislo 6/12/2006

•   A Pastel Portrait of a couple
•   Children Heirloom Portrait Painting  at  dance
•   Color Pastel Drawing Child Portrait a young  girl in pink
•   Bowhunting Autumn's Morning  Walk
•   Young Children Oil Portrait  Painting
•   A boy named Joe pastel  portrait

•   1997 Tiger Woods Pastel Portrait 6/9/2006

•   Fatima is Forever Book Cover by Mark Sanislo 3/22/2006

•   Added Artwork to Religious Gallery 3

•   Author Fr. Robert J. Fox  -  Artwork  Closeup  view
•   Added  book and magazine covers artwork to Cover Web Page

•   Photos from The Safari Club Event Fund raiser 3/20/2006

•   A brush with Kirby Puckett, Life Size painting  in the making 3/16/2006

•   Pope Benedict XVI  Painting request by Cedarcrest Academy 3/4/2006

•   More religious Artwork by Mark Sanislo2/27/2006

•   More portraits by Mark Sanislo2/25/2006

•   A Pastel Rendering of a Robert by the Lake
•   Pastel of  little boy with sail boat
•   Oil Painting of   Dana in a Blue Dress
•   Oil  Portrait Painting of   Two little ones
•   Daughters of Jake Reed Oil Painting
 •   Oil Painting  of  couple in the Golden Years
 •   Pet Dogs Pastel Drawing

•   Mother Angelica Oil Painting " Nun of the Media"2/24/2006

•   Mark Sanislo's "Sign Guestbook"2/24/2006

•   Mark Sanislo Portrait Painter Blog Minneapolis MN2/23/2006

•   A Second  Gallery Page of  Religious Artwork2/22/2006

•   A Oil Painting for bookcover  " Priest is a Priest Forever"
 Father Robert J. Fox Autobiography  50th Anniversay as a Priest.

•   A Pastel Rendering of a Robert Lakeside   2/21/06

•   A Second  Portfolio Page of  Portraits2/6/2006

•   A Pastel Rendering of a Baby Minnesota Twins Fan
•   Oil Portrait of Young Lady Lydia in a White Dress


Mark Sanislo can be reached at

Minneapolis, Minnesota


Welcome to the official website of professional portrait painter Mark Sanislo.

Mark enjoys painting in traditional classic portraits in oil and pastel. Portrait painting is one of the most rewarding art forms, for it captures the physical likeness as well as the personality and soul of the person, while still creating a wonderful piece of art.

From live sittings, photographs and charcoal sketches, Mark is able to portray a realism in the portraiture.  Paintings can be produced by the artist from a photographic likeness or from a live sitting in your own surroundings.

Beautiful Pastels portraits and hand painted Oil portraits of babies, children, toddlers, families, and weddings, anniversaries and more.

The portraits are beautifully crafted museum quality oil portraiture that captures the character of his people in a classical realist style. Commission an Oil Portrait Painting for Individuals, Group Portraitures and Official business portraits.


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